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What are emPowers?

Your emPowers are the parts of you who:

  • give you the talents you need, the love you crave, and the strength you seek.
  • fuel your intellect, inspiration, and intuition.
  • know your truth, inspire your creativity, and give you strategies to achieve your dreams.
  • gift you with clarity, comfort, and courage.
  • enable you to survive, feel alive, and have the higher drive to live the life you desire and illuminate the world with your gifts and your presence.

The 3 emPowers within you are:


Your 3 emPowers are your keys to wholeness, clarity, empowerment, and peace.  They are your true sources of wisdom, joy, and power.  

Until you honor all 3 of your emPowers,

the business, relationships, and life you desire

will always elude you.

Most people are in pain because they have not been taught to fully trust, love, and honor all parts of themselves.  Over time, these dishonored parts of their emPowers transform into what are commonly known as Inner Demons.

Everyone has "inner demons", whether they admit they do or not.  Even people who appear to "have it all" and "have it all together" struggle with inner demons that no amount of wealth, fame, and success can erase.  If anything, those can magnify the problem. 

The 3 Inner Demon types are:


How do I know so much about emPowers and Inner Demons? 

For years, I struggled mightily with my inner demons.  My relationships, business, and health fell apart, and I became deeply self-loathing, almost suicidal.  Only after I faced my inner demons and honored my emPowers did I finally feel whole, at peace, and empowered to live my purpose.  My life finally started to work

I learned 1) how to permanently guide Inner Demons back to their original emPowered states,
and 2) how to honor emPowers so that they fuel your ability to be, do, and have everything you desire.

The technique I created, the Drawing Out ProcessĀ®, turns inner demons back into emPowers - in 2 hours or less (Yes, it's that quick and that easy.)  Most people don't believe me when I say that I can turn their cruel inner monster into a sweet, docile little child that they want to hug and cuddle.  But I can.  I do it all the time.  What's the result?

You feel more balanced, whole, and alive than you have felt in years.
Business, relationships, and life feels easier and deeply fulfilling.

Hundreds of people around the world have dissolved their inner demons and honored their emPowers - everyone from children to executives to inmates - with miraculous results.  Everything changes when you finally discover who to trust, love, and honor within you.  And the feeling is incredible.

Who would you be if you

Dissolved your Inner Demons & Honored your EmPowers

in Business, Relationships, & all aspects of your Life?

If you desire extraordinary results, let's talk about how I may be of service to you.  I can work with you privately.  I also speak to organizations around the world. 

Or start simple and take my new, do-it-yourself, 1-month online course, emPowers & Inner Demons.


P.S.  Just so you know, you won't find the 3 inner demon types, the 3 emPowers, and the Drawing Out Process anywhere else in the world...


"The Truth About Inner Demons"

Speaking at the very first TEDx in a prison, Emily shares surprising truths about what are commonly known as "inner demons", as discovered through her ground-breaking technique the Drawing Out Process.


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