We've been lied to.  When it comes to feeling truly courageous, powerful, and alive, we've been taught that we have to overcome our blocks, insecurities, weaknesses, flaws, and other negative aspects of ourselves in order to do so.

We then end up wasting a massive amount of our lives trying to do this.  We suppress, overcompensate for, and in other ways struggle with what we perceive to be "bad" about us.  We do years of therapy, take expensive supplements, and dress to impress.  We think that, if we make more money, it will allay our fears.  If we have a fancier title, it will mask our weaknesses.  If we attract the perfect partner, our insecurities will miraculously disappear.

This is bull%*&.  It doesn't work.  The blocks remain, the struggles persist, our relationships suffer, and we feel worse than ever.  

However, there is an approach that does work. 

When you apply this new approach to your life, you go from feeling fragmented, stressed, and confused to feeling whole, blissful, and free.  You are not only more productive - you do your work with pleasure and purpose.  You become more intuitive and inspired.  You delight in your relationships and radiant health.  You feel deeply fulfilled and at peace.

The Emily International System for Healing Humanity:

          1. permanently heals your inner blocks (exPowers)

          2. teaches you how to embrace your true powers (emPowers)

          3. guides you to live (and lead) with greater courage, wisdom, and

              peace - fully aligned with your highest vision and purpose

Our greatest obstacles are not around us - they are within us.  Similarly, our greatest powers are not outside us - they are within us.  That is why, when you learn how to heal your blocks and honor your true powers, you become unstoppable.  No one can control or manipulate you.  You are in full, conscious control of your mental and emotional energies.  You don't need others to love you because you love you.  And, in turn, you find it easier to love others, easily and freely. 

Whatever you want, however you desire to feel, your emPowers and exPowers hold the key.  It all begins within, and it all begins with you.  Click here to learn more about The System.

NOTE: This work is neither coaching nor therapy - it is far beyond both.  Emily gets big results in record time.  These are ground-breaking discoveries that rapidly change lives, businesses, and humanity from the inside out, and Emily International is the only place in the world where it currently exists.  








If you are curious about this work and/or want to experience what it's all about, the emPowers & exPowers online course is a great place to start. 

If you prefer to work privately with Emily, please schedule a Strategy Session.

Businesses, not-for-profits, governments, teams, and other groups suffer from the same issues and imbalances as the people who comprise them.  Therefore, when people access their true power, their organizations become more powerful than ever. 

Emily has spoken at venues around the world, including Asia, Latin America, 2 TEDx events, and the United Nations.  Let her know your company's needs, and she'll design a program for you. 

See her TED talk directly below, given at the very first TEDx in a prison.

The CEO Solution™ is a customized program designed especially for busy, jet-setting executives, entrepreneurs, and others in positions of influence who are impatient for quick, massive results.

To learn more, contact Emily directly or schedule a Strategy Session.

Speaking & Workshops

28 Jul 2016 (UTC-07:00) • Cali, COLOMBIA
22 Sep 2016 (UTC-07:00) • Barranquilla, COLOMBIA
-TEDx Talk


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