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Is This You?

  • You're a CEO or leader who appears strong and confident on the outside... but your life is neither looking nor feeling the way you want it to.  
  • Yes, you're successful... but are you happy?
  • You're afraid that, if you get help, you'll lose your "edge".
If this sounds like you, let me start by saying: 

You aren't crazy, there's nothing wrong with you,
and you are most certainly not alone

Many people in leadership positions - especially those who appear to "have it all together" - are secretly struggling with an array of stressors and "inner demons": critical voices in their heads, self-sabotage, addictions, blocks, blindspots, triggers, old wounds and traumas, inexplicable rage, self-destructive behaviors, fear of rejection, etc. 

They - like you - are simply very good at hiding them.

Welcome to Emily International: Home of The Drawing Out Process®,
The CEO Solution™, and Guiding Star Leaders™.

With patience, understanding, confidentiality, and a results-oriented approach, I guide CEOs and leaders of all types to dissolve old, sabotaging patterns in their lives and effortlessly evolve into being wiser, clearer, and more empowered by:
  • identifying the prevailing patterns and struggles
  • releasing them from the core, quickly and easily
  • guiding them to fuel you in becoming a Guiding Star Leader.
What I do is neither traditional therapy nor coaching.  It is based on a technique I created called the Drawing Out Process®, which is faster and more effective with powerful, lasting effects on all aspects of one's life.

I am creating an international network of Guiding Star Leaders.
Are you called to be one?

If you're ready to live - and lead - more powerfully, easily, and authentically now, contact me for a complimentary, confidential Connection Session.

Ready to receive you...

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