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So You Want to Feel More Free, at Peace,

and Alive Than You've Felt in Years?

Do you want to heal your relationships?  Do you want to get past "money monsters"?  Do you want to massively shift your mindset, quickly and easily?  Do you want discover the truth of who you are and who you are here to be?  Do you want to stop being so easily triggered?  Do you want to discover where your true clarity and power have been hiding?

The answer is simple.

(And yet most people run away from it.)

Face and embrace your "inner demons".

(It's easier than you think.)

Everyone has "inner demons", whether they admit it or not.  Even people who appear to "have it all" and "have it all together" struggle with their share of inner demons that no amount of amassing wealth, fame, and success can erase.  If anything, those can magnify the problem, as we see with many public figures who struggle with depression, addiction, unhealthy relationships, etc.

So what is an "inner demon"?

An inner demon is simply a part of you that

gets in the way you feeling fully empowered and fully at peace.

If you desire to be truly, lastingly happy and successful, if you want to heal your relationship with yourself and others, if you want to feel deeply calm, centered, and aligned with your truth...  then you must face your "inner demons".  This is the only way to truly release them and be free. 

Here's the wonderful thing, though.

Inner demons are not as scary as you think. 
In fact, they're very sweet, innocent, and loving,
once you get to know them. 

"Inner demons" have been wildly misunderstood for millennia, and the impact on our lives - and humanity - has been disastrous.  It's time to shatter these illusions once and for all.  I am here to show you the truth of who they are so that you may also see the truth of who you are.  And, let me tell you, they are beautiful

How do I know this?  Because I struggled with inner demons for years - to the point of becoming deeply self-loathing and almost suicidal.  Only after I faced them did I finally learn their truths and how to guide them to be at peace so that I could finally be at peace. 

I then created a technique, called the Drawing Out Process, which permanently releases inner demons so they stop causing you pain and instead flood you with peace... in 2 hours or less.  Hundreds of people around the world have been through the DrOP - everyone from children to executives to inmates

When you face and embrace your "inner demons",

the results are miraculous and magical.

You feel more whole and at peace.

You feel more empowered in all relationships - personal and professional.

You less easily triggered and become (what some people call) "unf#$%ablewith".

You discover amazing clarity and power that you didn't even know were there.

You become a better person.

If you desire extraordinary, life-changing shifts, let's talk about how my work may be of service to you or your organization...

In the meantime, I hope that what I share on this site will help you begin healing your relationship with your "inner demons"... and with yourself.

With love,

P.S.  Just so you know, Emily International is the only place in the world where you'll find the 3 "inner demon" types (see below) and the Drawing Out Process. 


"The Truth About Inner Demons"

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